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Janhavi McKenzie, Life Coach

seeking Clarity

Seeking Clarity

I am seeking Clarity. Clarity has become my new passion, my new focus. Recently, I took some time off from writing. I went away on vacation. And as is common for me, I came back and had the usual whiplash from my vacation. Life never seems to resume as it was before the vacation quickly...
taking a vacation can feed the body, mind and soul

Take a Vacation

Everybody needs to take a vacation. Busy people need vacations. Stressed people need vacations. Even happy people need vacations. When we take a vacation, it gives us distance from our lives and all the activities we fill our days and nights up with. Vacations give us time to breathe, to rest the body, to fill...
living with insomnia

Living With Insomnia

Yes, my dear friends, there is a way to live with insomnia. There is a way to move beyond the debilitating exhaustion and enjoy life. Living with insomnia doesn't need to be crippling. In fact, I think that experiencing Joy is a necessary medicine to fight the discomfort of insomnia. My Story of living with...
loving each other, loving ourselves

Returning to Love

Some things, like "Returning to Love" can be best expressed in poetry. Here is the gift of my expression. Love changes things. Love changes things but not with judgement. Love changes things by accepting things as they are. Love changes things by accepting itself as it is. Love heals. Love allows. Love allows what comes...
an example of expressive arts

What Is Expressive Arts?

Each day I am seeing more and more people offering classes in the Expressive Arts. The Expressive Arts can be done in a class and it can be done privately in one's own art journal. Many people have a drive to make art. They find their day is more fulfilling if they make the time...

Radiating Love – A Meditation

Here is a little meditation for you to try so that you can radiate Love to others. Find yourself a comfortable seat. Take a few deep breaths and settle into your body. Imagine you are sending roots down into the Earth; from your tailbone and from the soles of your feet. See those roots going...
losing a loved one

Alzheimer’s and Grief

I am watching two families as they each lose a member to Alzheimer disease. I can't express the untold grief we all feel; their families and my family watching it all happen. For the afflicted, they are in suffering watching this thing happen to them. It seems as though they are in horror and fear...

Be Yourself

Everyday is a new day. Every moment is a new moment. Who you were isn't who you are now. It's okay to be different today than you were yesterday. You already are. You grow in every moment. Never be afraid to show up as you are. Learn to accept yourself, Love yourself. You are Sovereign...

What is Your Passion?

What makes your heart sing? What makes you over the top happy? What fills up your inner well spring of joy when you attend to it? What is it that if you neglect it your life grows empty for lack of it? However you answered any of these questions is your passion. It may be...

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