A Clear Mind

I am on Day 5 of a liver cleanse. Besides cleaning out my digestive tract, my mind seems to be getting a clearing out. I think of myself as a typically quiet person but this is different. It’s appears that as my body has less to deal with there is less agitation within the landscape of my mind, revealing yet another layer of quiet and silence.

A clear mind is unclouded. It is a mind unfettered, open and spacious. Spaciousness is like a container that holds the seed for all possibility. To be pregnant means that something has come into form. Spaciousness is what happens before that.

I still have demon thoughts that come up and emotions lurking at the edges. But they are not the main event. When I draw my attention to them, I find them tucked away in an ocean of clarity and spaciousness. I find myself able to be more present to myself within my environment. I sit as a neutral witness, my mind spacious and clear.

My writings are notes from my journey. Observations of the inner world. I don’t tell people what to do. But I do hope to inspire. Each persons journey is unique. I am here to support you in finding your own way.

Day 133 of #the100dayproject

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