Alzheimer’s and Grief

I am watching two families as they each lose a member to Alzheimer disease. I can’t express the untold grief we all feel; their families and my family watching it all happen. For the afflicted, they are in suffering watching this thing happen to them. It seems as though they are in horror and fear watching their minds slip away, helpless because they can’t do anything about it.

Old age is such a dark force that is relentless in its encroachment. I am watching my own body age. I want to imagine that we can grow old gracefully but that isn’t always the case. I know death is coming to us all and at the same time Life drives us forward.

I think helpless is what we all feel right now. What can any of us do? The ill can’t control this thing. Their spouses are challenged in caring for them. We all want to help but it appears as though there is nothing that can be done. We all just have to walk through the daily mystery and tend to the next steps as they become apparent.

Modern medicine has so many ways to fix the body but they can’t fix everything. They can’t fix a mind that is subject to Alzheimer disease.

Helplessness and sorrow. The person who was once there is disappearing right before our eyes.

My heart is heavy. I send Love to my friends and to any of you who are walking through this suffering.

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