Radiating Love to Others

I often wonder how I can help others. The suffering that others endure troubles me. I want to help and wonder what can I do? I do care. I do pray. I do help when I can. Maybe that is enough. I believe that suffering is a path one chooses because suffering is a powerful teacher. There is much one can learn from enduring the lessons of suffering when one employs the help of one’s self-awareness.

A very small way that I can help others is to establish myself as a Vortex of Love. I imagine myself as a pillar that anchors Love into the Earth and radiates it to others. I want to do this so that as another is suffering, the radiance of my love and my light may be available to touch their minds, their hearts and their Souls so they might receive sustenance from that light, that love.

My hope is that if someone is suffering and I happen to be in their thoughts or in their physical vicinity, they will experience a loving vibration, a loving emanation and that their day will be just a little bit better. I don’t need to take credit for this. This isn’t about me. This is about Love, the Love that is all encompassing. This is about serving that Love.

No one needs to suffer alone. Love and Compassion are always there to comfort. May more of us become that Loving, Compassionate vibration, to help alleviate the suffering in the world. Together we can do this, one little ray of Love at a time. Add it all up and many little loving vibrations will contribute to a greater field of Love and goodness in the world.

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