Believe In Love

This was my prompt today. As I began to journal, I felt at a loss with these words. I had no idea how to wrap my mind around them. They fell flat for me. I didn’t understand them. So I turned to my new best friend, the dictionary, to help me forward.

To Believe means: to accept as true, to feel sure of the Truth of.

Love means: intense feeling, deep affection, a feeling of strong or constant affection.

I have been taught that Love is THE Divine Presence. I have been taught that the word Love is frequently used to either describe God or in place of the word God. Within this essay I am referring to God as omnipresent awareness as versus an individual entity, though I respect that some might argue that the individual is omnipresent.

Here I re-frame the title of this essay into words shaped by the dictionary:

I accept as Truth that the underlying expression the the universe is one of intense feeling and deep affection for all it has created.


I accept that the underlying cause of the universe is one of intense feeling and deep affection.

It seems to me that the words “Believe in Love” are an invitation. We are being invited to put our faith into being aware of the intense, deep, constant state of affection called Love or God, one that is eternally present and within each of us.

The word Affection means: a feeling of liking or caring for something. Synonyms for Affection are: attachment, devotion, fondness, love, passion.

I have been taught that the path to God, the path to enlightenment is a path of devotion. But the words of the prompt, turn this teaching around. I might have believed that it was I, the small self who was and/or needed to be devoted. But, to Believe in Love, as inferred in the definition, is that the Creative Source has fond caring and devotion to his/her own creations and IS that fond caring and devotion.

I have been taught that everyone and everything is complete with Love; made of, filled with and surrounded by Love. We are so complete as children of Love that we need not ever look outside of ourselves for Love. We can be completely satiated by what we find, what lives within. Looking for Love outside of ourselves, we are become beggars with a very full bank account.

I leave you with these words:

Believe in Love

Day 131 of #the100dayproject

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