I have been thinking a lot about boundaries. My mantra this weekend has been “I am in my body.” When I am overthinking about a relationship with someone else, I don’t believe that I am in my body. I am in the future. I am in the past. I am in my head, wrapped up in entangled thinking but I am not in my body. When I am in my body, I feel safe. I feel connected to all of life. I feel grounded. I am calm.

As I worked with this mantra today, I realized that when I am in my body, I am in the present tense.

I am in my body.

Even my Qi Gong practice was different today as I worked with this mantra. I was more calm, more centered. There were less thoughts. Less of my energy was projected outwards.

When I anchor in “I am in my body”, then my life is about me. It creates a natural and healthy boundary.

When it comes to relationships, the mantra evolves into:

I am in my body and
you are in your body.

In saying that, I take responsibility for myself and I allow you to take responsibility for yourself.

Here is one more quote for you:

What is a Boundary?
* A Boundary is a definite place where your responsibility ends
and another person’s begins. It stops you from doing things
for others that they should do for themselves.
* A Boundary also prevents you from rescuing someone from the
consequences of their destructive behavior that they need to
experience in order to grow.

These are sage words. And this is one of those lessons one doesn’t learn overnight. It takes time, practice and reflection.

Thanks for listening.

Day 110 of #the100dayproject

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