The Refuge of Practice


One prepares for stress by taking up practices or cultivating habits that support a healthy, balanced lifestyle when life is smooth and easy, when life is comfortable. Maybe you remember feeling invincible, invulnerable to stress at some time in your life. Maybe you thought bad things only happen to other people. Stress comes knocking on … Read more



I have been thinking a lot about boundaries. My mantra this weekend has been “I am in my body.” When I am overthinking about a relationship with someone else, I don’t believe that I am in my body. I am in the future. I am in the past. I am in my head, wrapped up … Read more

Today as I Write


Writing is my saving grace.Writing holds me.Writing makes space for my thoughts.Writing brings peace to my agitated insides.Writing helps me sort out my thoughts.Writing helps me get clear.Writing helps me make peace with myself. As I write, I begin to slow down,to release the fever in my brain from striving, from overthinking. Where is my … Read more

Finding Truth


Truth doesn’t always come easily.Uncovering our inner Truths can take time and effort.Sometimes our inner Truths can be hidden away.We have to peel away the layers that hide Truth from ourselves.We may feel scared to discover the Truth or we might feel delighted or free upon finding it.But Truth itself isn’t scary or delightful.Truth is … Read more



Obstacles, they happen all the time. I have a habit of avoiding them. Maybe you do too. In Coaching we were taught to get out of our comfort zone. And so I have. I decided to remake my website and on a new platform. It’s like learning a new language. It’s all up hill. I … Read more

Embracing Joy

finding love

A friend of mine defines Joy as God, as that all pervasive presence that manifests as the universe. Just saying those words stops my mind. It’s the vastness of what that means. To contemplate creation in this way never ceases to amaze me. There is the Joy that we get in our day to day … Read more



Elation (definition): great happiness and exhilaration; the quality or state of being filled with joy, marked by high spirits.Synonyms: ecstasy, euphoria, exhilaration, heaven, high, joy, intoxication, paradise, rapture, swoon. There will come a timewhen you will meet yourselfat your own front door,fully embraced by elation.  I wish this for you.



The word ‘contemplate’ is derived from the words: con + templare, a derivative of ‘templum’ referring to ‘sacred space.’ Contemplation is a way that we enterinto the Sacred Space, the Temple within ourselves. Contemplation is a way that we get to know ourselves; our thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs, our truths. Contemplation can also be … Read more



Taking time to rest is an act of loving kindness. In order to serve, you need to step back,breathe, and stop doing.After every great movement comes a period of rest.In rest, we nurture the reserves for the next expanse of energy. When the time requires it,don’t be afraid to step back and rest.It is good … Read more