Compassion Cares

There are some things one should cultivate early on in life. One is self awareness. That is knowing oneself. When one actually makes friends with oneself, one gets to know one’s own shortcomings and one’s own strengths. This kind of knowledge leads to peace. One can learn acceptance, self-love and compassion through this kind of knowledge. It takes a lot of honesty to know oneself. And in this case, as in many, the truth can set one free. There is much possibility in self awareness. It takes dedication and perseverance.

When we come up to face those things about ourselves that we don’t like, we can get pretty hard on ourselves, beat ourselves up, criticize ourselves. Such challenges can loom large over us, threatening to destroy one’s self worth. And the opportunity here is a big one. It’s the opportunity to love ourselves, forgive ourselves, be kind to ourselves, be tender with ourselves. We can change. One can become more, different, better. We are so much more.

Compassion is feeling the pain of another. Self compassion is facing and acknowledging our own pain. Compassion is also taking action to alleviate pain. Self compassion is taking action to alleviate our own pain.

Compassion cares. Compassion doesn’t judge.

Day 138

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