The word ‘contemplate’ is derived from the words: con + templare, a derivative of ‘templum’ referring to ‘sacred space.’

Contemplation is a way that we enter
into the Sacred Space, the Temple within ourselves.

Contemplation is a way that we get to know ourselves; our thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs, our truths. Contemplation can also be thought of as self-examination. We can lend this practice of thoughtful examination to any and many areas of our lives. What we discover in using our minds this way is that we need to not rely so much on what others think about a subject, which of course can be very useful. Contemplation reveals what we may think or feel about a subject, revealing its truth or importance to us. Contemplation allows us to go beyond the surface of what is being presented and dive more deeply into our relationship to a subject, which sometimes and often is ourselves.

Contemplation is a path to self-awareness, to self-knowledge. Contemplation is a path to truth, both on a very personal level as well as Truth in a greater, cosmic level. Contemplation as a tool for self-examination, leads us into the depths of our own being where we find our own Divinity.

When we know ourselves better, we can navigate life better. We can make better choices.

Day 104 of #the100dayproject

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