Embracing Joy

A friend of mine defines Joy as God, as that all pervasive presence that manifests as the universe. Just saying those words stops my mind. It’s the vastness of what that means. To contemplate creation in this way never ceases to amaze me.

There is the Joy that we get in our day to day life from the sometimes simple and sometimes large events that makes us smile and feel good. This is a window into, a wave from, the great, all encompassing Joy.

There is a Joy that comes unbidden, that fills our hearts and makes us smile. It is a lasting Joy that doesn’t disappear when our plate full of chocolate cake is suddenly empty. It is a Joy that doesn’t even care if the plate never had cake on it!

True Joy is never fading, it encompasses our heart. It is generous. It is kind.

And sometimes, Joy is a gift that is hard won. Our human experience offers us many lessons, many challenges. But Grace is always there, even if it is hard to see sometimes. And then one day after all the tears have been spilled and the lessons learned and the healing has progressed, Joy reveals itself. When Joy shows up, embrace it. Or, perhaps, allow it to embrace you.

Day 106 of #the100dayproject

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