Exploring Consciousness: A Journal Prompt

Who are you beyond the name, form and activities as you define yourself?

What is your Soul?

What is the purpose of the Soul?

What is the purpose of incarnating?

What is God?

What is Love?

Do you think you can answer these questions? I challenge you to try.

Take up your journal and your pen and settle into a comfortable seat. Pick one question. Set your timer for 10 minutes and begin to write. When you are done, read what you wrote, preferably out loud. When you are done with that, write the words “Thank You” at the end of your writing.

Revisit your writing. Did your writing generate another prompt to lead you further into another journal entry? Would you like to explore another one of the questions presented above?

I would love to know what you wrote. Please write to me personally and share. These are big questions and best served in conversation.

Much Love to you.

Day 116 of #the100dayproject

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