Feeding One’s Soul

What feeds your Soul? It’s so important to know. When we feed our Soul, we give our Soul expression and life on this planet. We come closer to fulfilling our life’s purpose.

How does one know when one’s Soul is fed? Or perhaps it is better said; how does one know when one is fed by one’s Soul. When one’s Soul has been nurtured, there is a deep satisfaction. It’s like having eaten a really good meal at your most favorite restaurant. But better. Feeding our Soul means that we find those things that bring us great inner joy. It’s one great big warm inner fuzzy. It’s the place where we most come alive.

When we find those things that deeply satisfy ourselves, we are finding those things that deeply satisfy our Souls. Find those activities that allow your Soul to express itself. That’s the connection to Soul. It might come through music, art, being in nature, or doing one’s life work!

When we take too much time away from our Soul’s deepest expression in this physical world, we begin to dry up and feel empty, restless, maybe cranky.

Feed your Soul. Don’t forget about it. Life may draw you in other directions but always, always find your way back to those things that allow the heart of your Soul come through, to express itself.

Day 122 of #the100dayproject

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