Finding Answers

Today I am very quiet. I am on the last day of a 9 day cleanse and among other benefits, I am granted a quiet mind. Maybe I am a little spacey as well but I can still focus and function. I can still work.

I debated whether to talk about Listening or to talk about Quiet. Today the two are related. Maybe that is always true, at least for me, here now. Over many years, I have cultivated quiet in a number of ways. Quiet is a place I like to hang out, both outside of me as well as inside of me. Today I realized that Quiet was the space that allowed me to hear the answers to questions. One might call that intersection Intuition. It’s all about Listening; listening to the quiet and listening within the quiet..

There are many ways to find answers. One can research, gather information, think things through. And then at some point, one finds an answer. There may be several answers to sift through. But ultimately, each of us has our own right answer that may match other people’s answers or not. Answers can be found within the space of our internal quiet. One way is to ask the question, do the research and then let the mind go. The mind has a big universe it can explore. And while it is off doing our bidding, one can rest in the Quiet and wait for the mind to return with an answer. And then, from within one’s quiet nest, the mind can return and plop an answer for us to explore. If it’s not the right answer, we can reconfigure our question, give it over to the mind or our higher power or whatever you would like to call it, and then step back into the quiet and let the mind return with a new answer.

That’s what worked for me today. I hope it can help you.

I send you much Love.

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