Following the Rules. . . or Not

For some people, including very creative people, following the rules can be a very hard experience. For some people, following rules can feel like they are stepping into a very tight fitting dress or corset. They feel like they can’t breathe, they can’t function. And yet, rules are guidelines or formulas to help get things done, to help achieve desired results that are proven to support success.

Creative people often live outside the commonly accepted norms of many others. They live “outside the box.” And even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, maybe you are feeling a pull inside yourself to do things differently than what is expected within your undertaking. So what to do? Do you follow the rules or not?

If this is you, I think it is important to consider all your options. It is good to know the rules. It is good to know what the formulas for success are. And then comes the self-reflection, the self-inquiry. What inside you needs to be seen? What inside you needs to be expressed? Is there a way to incorporate what your desire, your dream, your inherent creativity can fit within the rules, the guidelines for success?

Remember that box I mentioned earlier? Let’s call it the Box of Guidelines for Your Success. If you are feeling like you are being asked to step into a box that feels to small for you, try this. What if, within your imagination, you were to enlarge the box? How big might you have to make the box so you can fit yourself and your dream inside it? What might you have to alter about the box so that you can incorporate yourself, your dreams and the Guidelines for Success? Try expanding your vision of what the box looks like. Maybe there is a another way to achieve success. This is where your own particular genius, your own creativity comes in. This is how you can stand out in your field, in your life and at the very least fulfill what you alone need to express.

Maybe it’s not about Following the Rules but it is about adapting the rules to fit you and your dreams, your unique expression.

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