Forest Bathing as Meditation

We went to one of our favorite “wild” spots this Sunday morning. For us, nature is our church. I recently decided that I wanted to get out once a week for an hour in nature, for an hour of “Forest Bathing.” After a few weeks of walking along the river, I decided I needed to upgrade my experience. I found myself doing too much thinking.

So, I started my walks by picking out a line to cross, any random line and called it my “Threshold.” My Threshold was the true beginning of my my walking in nature practice. After crossing the Threshold, I begin to focus on being present to the world I am walking through and with; the earth around me, the bushes and plants, the trees, the river, the feel of the air, the sounds, the birds. If my mind wanders, I bring it back to my environment. I let my highly sensitive being drink in the environment all around me.

The result is that It’s like hitting an internal reset button. It’s calming. It feeds my Soul. It’s an important part of my week. I find myself counting the days for when I will return.

The picture you see above is from today’s walk.

Day 123

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