Frustration: Turning It Around

I love definitions. They can make things much more clear. I was hearing the word Frustration used often and with much emotional heat. So I looked up the word. As a writer I love words, and as a Coach I wanted to learn more about this particular word.

Frustration is defined as: “the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.

Feeling frustrated Is hard. It feels helpless. It wears people down. It can breed discouragement and low self-esteem. Feeling frustrated can feel like one has hit a brick wall. But if we look at the brick wall that proves to be frustrating close enough, we can find a chink to work one’s way through. We may feel that things are NEVER going to change. But frustration actually provides a door of opportunity. That door is the “ability to change.” We all have that ability. It’s a choice, though I understand it may not feel so at the time.

If we give in to despair, we crush ourselves, we crumble. Try turning yourself around and begin to ask “What can I change here?” What is the opportunity that presents itself? This is where creativity comes in. Energy wants to flow. If it has been stopped up, maybe look to see if you can discover why. Or, look to see what else can be done to achieve your goals or turn the situation around.

Dream big but take the small steps. You CAN do this. You are so powerful.

Day 126 of #the100dayproject

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