Full Moon Journal Prompt

As a moon grows full in its cycle, it gathers together much energy, much like the crest of a wave. And when the moon reaches its fullness, its crest, energy is released, set free. The full moon is considered a time to release. This particular full moon is in Pisces, which marks the end of a cycle, so the movement of release is magnified.

Following the cycles of the moon, gives one permission to feel, experience and honor the different rhythms that flow within us. Honoring these rhythms, keeps one balanced and allows one’s inner and emotional life to experience flow and freedom. In other words, when we allow ourselves to follow the organic rhythms of the tides of nature, we nurture the natural processes of our psyches which keeps us from getting congested within ourselves.

I find it really helpful to look to the dictionary to define words. Definitions give words depth and nuance.

Looking to define release, I found that the word means:

  • set free
  • escape from confinement
  • move, act or flow freely

That being said, here are some journal prompts for this full moon:

I am being set free.

I am escaping confinement.

I flow with the tides.

Use The 10 Minute Writing Sprint to write in your journal. Set a timer for 10 minutes and write whatever comes up for you. When the timer goes off, read what you have written and then write ‘Thank You’ as a way to thank yourself for showing up and for the wisdom you have brought forward.

Happy Full Moon!

Day 130 of #the100dayproject

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