Joy Came Unbidden Today

Joy came unbidden today. It arose from the core of my being. It didn’t seem attached to anything in particular. It was just there. I am happy to be engaged in my life.

Can I tell you how to get to Joy? I’m not sure I can. My path to Joy was on a long path traveled over a long period of time. I was never sure where I was going or where I would end up. I was living life and there was a lot of pain involved, a lot of tears. I was driven to heal.

Healing led me through a lot of self-examination. I have written and made art in many books, my journals. And with every sadness I unpacked, I became a little lighter. Self-expression is healing.

One day I realized I didn’t have so much to say in my journals. And my creative work took a new turn. I still have times where some deep grief rears up to be expressed. But those times are fewer and pass quickly.

Yesterday, I spoke about the importance of having a nurturing practice, a habit of some kind that fills the wellspring of your being. I have many such practices. And they fill me up so I feel lighter and more free.

It just seems that Joy has taken flower within me today.

Oh, Joy!

Day 112 of #the100dayproject

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