Love Changes Things

Love changes things. Love changes things but not with judgement. Love changes things by accepting things as they are. Love changes things by accepting itself as it is. Love heals.

Love allows. Love allows what comes before it to be what it is. Love allows itself to be what it is in all its duality of expression.

In our misunderstanding of ourselves as separate from Love, we judge. We judge each other. We judge ourselves. There is ultimately pain in that separation from Love. Our sole life purpose is to return to Love.

There are many baby steps we can take to return to Love. Understanding those around us. Understanding ourselves. Putting aside judgement of any kind towards others, towards ourselves. Radiating Love to those we love. (Easy) Radiating Love to those we judge. (Not so easy) Acting with patience, kindness, tolerance, forgiveness. Every day is filled with many opportunities to Love in big and small ways. Every act of Love is a step towards re-membering ourselves as Love.

Don’t neglect Love.

Love changes things, in small and big ways.

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