Meditation, Can’t Sleep, It’s the Full Moon

Eyes closed
I sit within my body within the darkness that lies there
I don’t reach
I don’t strive
I don’t effort
I just sit
I watch a thought as it drifts by
I make my body as comfortable as I can
I wonder “Why do I do this?”

I don’t have a satisfying answer. At one time I would have told you I wanted to know God. But today, I have a different answer. I meditate to calm myself. I meditate to connect with something greater than myself (maybe that is God). I meditate to rest from the agitation of the world. I think I have a sneaky hope that I will access some super powers; like being able to travel outside my body or to have expanded powers of mind to know things beyond my immediate reality.

I think I meditate because I really want to know Love. Recently, I wrote that in this life I have been “desperate for Love.” Love seems so elusive.

Maybe. as I have kept a Joy Journal I the pas, where I recorded the joy found in my day, maybe I should keep a Love Journal, where I record the Love I find in my day.

A Joy Journal, a Love Journal, an Abundance Journal
I think all that we seek is all around us
it’s our minds that tell us otherwise.

Day 103 of #the100dayproject

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