Obstacles, they happen all the time. I have a habit of avoiding them. Maybe you do too. In Coaching we were taught to get out of our comfort zone. And so I have.

I decided to remake my website and on a new platform. It’s like learning a new language. It’s all up hill. I have a deadline for two and a half weeks from now. I keep breaking my steps down into the smallest possible increments. I set the smallest possible goals. Today my computer almost crashed. It got real slow and the spinning color wheel kept showing up. I put my Zoom recording into a Word doc. Bad idea. So, I called my computer Wizard, he straightened out what he could and then I was off to Best Buy for a new computer. After the installation, I got into the rough draft for my new site and I got to successfully place a few words into it.

Obstacles. I was ready to run with my site and then life happened and I had to pause. There I was, feeling the pressure of a deadline and the anxiety of my learning curve. Pressure and anxiety, not my favorite friends to hang out with. I reassured myself with thoughts like: “You are at the beginning of a path, of course you are going to trip over some rocks along the way.” I reminded myself of where I was going, of my small, first goal. While my new computer was uploading, I took a nap.

I learned several things today:

  1. There are lots of wonderful people out there who are REALLY happy to help me solve my problems. I have much gratitude to them!
  2. Obstacles are part of the path. I shouldn’t try to avoid them. Rather, face them and don’t forget that on the other side of the obstacles lies the reward of reaching one’s goals.
  3. Facing challenges is so related to my inner work around facing one’s inner dragons. I have gotten really good at facing my dragons. External goals are harder for me. But I believe the lesson is the same for either challenge; turn into it, face it, go through it. Facing into it is easier than resisting it.

That’s all for now, folks. Off to dinner and my evening.

There are many wonderful words of wisdom regarding Obstacles to be found in Google Images.

Sending you much Love.

Day 107 of #the100dayproject

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