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Janhavi McKenzie, Life Coach

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What is Journaling

For years I have had the habit of journal writing each day. For many years, it was Morning Pages as taught by Julia Cameron. Now I write at the end of the day after I have had time to live through the hours of my day. I like to write from what I am feeling...

Following the Rules. . . or Not

For some people, including very creative people, following the rules can be a very hard experience. For some people, following rules can feel like they are stepping into a very tight fitting dress or corset. They feel like they can't breathe, they can't function. And yet, rules are guidelines or formulas to help get things...

Helping Others

"The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others." - Albert Schweitzer No matter where you are on your journey; you have gathered experience, you have healed, you have learned, you have moved forward. No matter where you are you can turn around and help someone...
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Taking Tiny Steps Towards Confidence

Confidence is built on success. But before we get to honestly feeling successful, we may have to try some new things we've never done before. Or, maybe we will do some things we haven't done so well at before. We don't necessarily need confidence to do a thing and succeed. We just need the confidence...
low self esteem

Compassion Cares

There are some things one should cultivate early on in life. One is self awareness. That is knowing oneself. When one actually makes friends with oneself, one gets to know one's own shortcomings and one's own strengths. This kind of knowledge leads to peace. One can learn acceptance, self-love and compassion through this kind of...

Finding Answers

Today I am very quiet. I am on the last day of a 9 day cleanse and among other benefits, I am granted a quiet mind. Maybe I am a little spacey as well but I can still focus and function. I can still work. I debated whether to talk about Listening or to talk...

Let Yourself Rest

Sometimes you just have to put everything aside, stop everything you are doing and rest. Don't feel guilty about it. Rest fills one's well and prepares one to continue moving forward. Allow yourself to rest; rest the mind, rest the body, rest the spirit. Life is rigorous. Just rest. I send you Love.


I think that movement and transition are a way of life. Perhaps, movement and transition are THE way of life. Life and living are never static. Everything is always moving and changing. I think as we flow, move and change, we aren't aware that we are doing either moving or changing. The flow for each...


"Make your life about joy. Celebrate your big and little wins. Grow every day. Enjoy the first sip of your morning coffee, and the second and third and fourth. Find something to smile about on your commute. Give hugs often, compliment others whenever you can. Get inspired. Nourish yourself. Go outside and spend time in...

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