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Janhavi McKenzie, Life Coach


On Friendship

It's all energy. God shows up here as this one. God retreats there as that one. It's all the same Love energy here or there, with this one or that one. God presents Love in every face. Accept and receive what comes before you. And, whomever doesn't come before you, smile upon them as well....


It is the autumn season. the light wanes within each day and the garden fades. Silence came on its own today, unbidden I pushed against it waving my “To Do” list in its face But it just sat there, it had nothing to say Finally I sat down with it I do really enjoy its...

Crazy: Embracing the Shadow

For me Crazy is a loaded word. As a very young child I was told I was crazy by those in my family. The word was used with harsh emotion and denigration. I have carried the pain of that word with me for the rest of my life. Crazy was a word that once used,...


A very little boy from our neighborhood came to our door today selling zucchini bread that had likely been made by his mother. He told us we could either give him some money or something else and he showed us his basket that had two bananas in it. I thought it would be friendly to...
letting go

Exploring Consciousness: A Journal Prompt

Who are you beyond the name, form and activities as you define yourself? What is your Soul? What is the purpose of the Soul? What is the purpose of incarnating? What is God? What is Love? Do you think you can answer these questions? I challenge you to try. Take up your journal and your...

Words and Friends

I wrote to a friend and she wrote back using these words: Ambivalence and Procrastination. At first I dismissed them. I wanted to feel she was bigger than those words. But the more I sat with her reply, the more I realized I needed to respect those words. They were her words. They described her...
letting go

Small Ways to Feed the Soul

What will you do to feed your Soul today? What small thing can you do to bring a little joy into your life? What makes your heart sing? It doesn't have to be big. It can be looking at the sky or the birds. It can be enjoying the movements of a small child. Maybe...

Witnessing the Dichotomy Within

Today my journal prompt was on the theme of Serenity. Serenity means calm, unruffled, quietude, clear, free of storms. Merriam Webster includes: shining bright and steady. There I was, with my journal, reflecting on Serenity. The word by itself made me feel calm and quiet. I sat to write and found myself staring out the...

Joy Came Unbidden Today

Joy came unbidden today. It arose from the core of my being. It didn't seem attached to anything in particular. It was just there. I am happy to be engaged in my life. Can I tell you how to get to Joy? I'm not sure I can. My path to Joy was on a long...

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