Radiating Love – A Meditation

Here is a little meditation for you to try so that you can radiate Love to others.

Find yourself a comfortable seat. Take a few deep breaths and settle into your body.

Imagine you are sending roots down into the Earth; from your tailbone and from the soles of your feet. Imagine those roots are going down far and spreading out wide. Spend a couple of minutes here, growing roots into the Earth.

Next imagine that you are bringing energy from the Earth up through your roots and into your body. See the Earth’s energy entering into the roots, entering into your feet and moving up your legs and into your torso. See the energy coming into your tailbone and merging with the energy that comes up through your feet as this Earth energy moves into your torso.

See this Earth energy moving upwards through your torso, through your heart, through your neck and your head and this Earth energy moves through the top of your head and reaching far above you.

Imagine that this energy is connecting with a great light above you; a light that is filled with the radiance of Love. Pause here. Imagine this light. Take a moment to feel this great Love that is waiting for you.

After you have anchored with this Love, begin drawing it down towards you, drawing it in towards your body. Imagine this Love, this light is coming down all around and into you. It’s like a great sheet of Love Light that is descending into you and around you.

This Love comes into the top of your head and descends through your body; first through your head, then your neck, your torso, your legs, your feet. This Love Light descends into the Earth, circles around and comes up through the center line of your body into your central channel.

Feel this Love Light within you, within your central channel. Spend a couple of minutes feeling this energy. And then imagine that it radiates out from your central channel. You become a brilliant sun radiating Love and Light out first through your body and then into the field outside of your body. How far from your body can you imagine that Love Light emanating?

Sit within that Love Light as long as you would like. When you are done, open your eyes, stretch your body a little. Pull out your journal and record any experiences you may have had.

I send you Love.

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