Seeking Clarity

I am seeking Clarity. Clarity has become my new passion, my new focus.

Recently, I took some time off from writing. I went away on vacation. And as is common for me, I came back and had the usual whiplash from my vacation. Life never seems to resume as it was before the vacation quickly enough. Distractions always get in the way. And then when it was time to write, I was met with Confusion. Have I told you that Confusion is one of my shadow children? What I mean by that is Confusion is a part of my psyche. I grew up in a household that in which Confusion was a common element acted out by the adults. Confusion is a part of my ancestral heritage. If certain things aren’t cleared in the psyche, we pass them onto our children. I inherited Confusion.

But wait! I came here to talk about “Seeking Clarity.” I don’t think one can truly be on the path of Seeking Clarity unless one has known Confusion. They may be two sides of the same coin.

I found a quote yesterday that said:

“Confusion, when embraced, is the starting point for Discovery, Direction and Decision.”

Seeking Clarity Within my Journals

This morning I wrote in my Journal that Clarity has become my North Star. When I am searching for Clarity within my written words, I can tell when I have found Clarity. My mind suddenly becomes very clear as do the words issuing from it. Viscerally, my gut calms down. It was due to these observations, that I recognized that Clarity was becoming my North Star. My body was a compass showing me the way to Clarity.

In addition to Seeking Clarity within my written journal, I am dedicating a month within my Art Journal to the theme of Clarity. Early each day I find a quote that speaks to my heart, write it down on a scrap of paper and lay it onto a new journal page. As the day unfolds, I let myself sit with the quote in the back of my mind and then later make an art page out of it. I am committing to doing this for 30 days. I think you can see, I am committed to Seeking Clarity.

Returning to my “inspirational writings”

My dear friend Clarity has led me back to writing within my website. It has become clear to me that it is in writing here that I find purpose and joy each day.

And so my Dear Reader, what is pulling on your Heart strings? Are you Seeking Clarity in any area of your life?

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