Take a Vacation

Busy people need vacations. Stressed people need vacations. Vacations give us distance from our lives and all the activities we fill our days and nights up with. Vacations give us time to breathe, to rest the body, to find the joy in living.

As I was growing up, weekends were a time of rest. Businesses in the little town I grew up in on Long Island would have reduced hours on Saturday and be closed completely on Sunday. Sunday was a community day of rest. I miss the quiet of the world on Sundays.

All that has changed. We now live in a 24/7 world. The sea of human life goes on relentlessly. Everything is fast and ongoing. We fill up our lives with working, relationships and caring for ourselves. and our families. When do we stop?

I think some people are afraid to stop. What would happen if we allowed ourselves to feel? What would it be like to admit to feeling tired? How important is it to slow down from our non stop doing lifestyle?

Our bodies are amazing highly intricate machines. When I study human anatomy and physiology I am awed by the miracle of this miracle body machine that serves us so faithfully and well. And I am an advocate of caring for this beautiful vehicle that carries out our will.

We give our body a rest at night and that is a type of vacation, especially if we give ourselves all the sleep we need. And then there is the mind. Our minds are constantly moving outwards; thinking, problem solving and falling into habits that drain our energy. When do we get off the wheel of doing and step into rest and simply being? And how do we do that?

Vacation is defined as an extended period of leisure or recreation.

The word recreate means to give new life to, to refresh. I am feeling more at ease just reading those words: give new life to, refresh.

How do we refresh our bodies and minds after experiencing the rigors of life for extended periods of time?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Body: what does your body need to refresh? Useful strategies can include sleep, napping, exercise and eating healthy food.
  • Mind: what does your mind need to refresh? Useful strategies can include meditation, reading, hobbies.
  • Spirit: what does your spirit need to refresh? Useful strategies can include prayer, spending time in nature, art, journaling, feeling gratitude.

When we take a vacation, we step out of our day to day lives and step into a situation that gives us the space and rest to regroup inside ourselves and renew.

Vacations can be mini; an hour, a half day or a day in the forest. Or, it can be anywhere from an overnighter or longer where we leave our home and routine to spend time in our lives under a different roof. Sometimes, it can be just an hour of doing something different, something that we know fills our heart, our spirit.

I think everyone should have some time to vacate the rigors of life every single day.

Keep in mind that to count as a self-care vacation, the activity must be something that promotes your happiness and well-being.

Consider this: Make vacations a part of your self care protocols!

Ya gotta like that!

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