Today’s Writing Prompt

Today’s 10 minute writing sprint is:

What are you committed to?

I suggest you that within your journal you phrase it as a question to yourself “What am I committed to?”

Very briefly, Merriam Webster defines Commitment as “an agreement or a pledge to do something.”

Synonyms include:

  • constancy
  • dedication
  • devotion
  • loyalty
  • steadfastness
  • truth

Your instructions are: get out your journal, set your timer for 10 minutes and write. Write whatever comes up for you. When the timer goes off stop writing and read what you have written, out loud if you are comfortable with that and then simply write “Thank you” at the end of your writing, thanking yourself for showing up as yourself and perhaps bringing some wisdom to the forefront.

If you are inspired, repeat the process either with the same word or with a new theme that has popped up for you out of your own writing.

Day 121 of #the100dayproject

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