I think that movement and transition are a way of life. Perhaps, movement and transition are THE way of life. Life and living are never static. Everything is always moving and changing.

I think as we flow, move and change, we aren’t aware that we are doing either moving or changing. The flow for each individual is a complex mystery. Free will and conscious choice are a part of the journey. Where we direct our attention is where our power lies.

The point of transition from one place to another is sometimes clear and dramatic and sometimes it is not a point but a passageway. Transitions can take time. Some transitions are defined by a sense of not knowing. To be in a state of ‘Not Knowing’ is a wonderful place to be in. It is pregnant with ‘all that can be’. One can just get comfortable with sitting in the dark pregnancy of a transition. Sitting in the dark can be a time of exploring, researching, gathering new information. It can also be a time of rest, a time to prepare oneself for the next movement forward. It can also be visited with confusion.

We will always find our way to somewhere. That is a guarantee. I encourage you to guide your flow. Be with where you are at and acknowledge it and at the same time be aware of where you are putting your energy. You will get to another place. And you can determine it. Or not. The choice is yours.

I send you Love.

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