What is Journaling

For years I have had the habit of journal writing each day. For many years, it was Morning Pages as taught by Julia Cameron. Now I write at the end of the day after I have had time to live through the hours of my day. I like to write from what I am feeling from within my body. I like to be able to reflect on things I did, things I saw, things I felt and observed as I lived through my day.

My journals have been many things to me over the years. They have been my therapist. Their blank pages held the space for anxiety, anger and fatigue. My journals have always been safe places for me to tell the truth. My journals have given me a place to speak my voice when I was unable to speak up anywhere else. I get to rest within the pages of my journals. They are a safe receptacle and harbor from life’s storms. They calm me and nurture me. Currently my journal is helping my imagination flow into dream spaces that inspire and guide me. Journaling is a part of my life that will always be with me.

So I would define journaling as the act of writing within the blank pages of a book. Each day we create the story of our lives as we live it. Journaling is capturing pieces of that journey within the written word. Each of us is the author of our own life story.

When we journal we can clear away the painful thoughts of the mind and the burdens of the heart in order to hit a reset button so one can move on more easily with life. Journaling is about finding truth within confusion and inspiration as answers to problems. Journaling is a ballast, a steadying force through the storms of life.

Journaling opens doors to self awareness. Journaling opens doors for growth. People use journaling for many different intentions. My particular journey with journaling has been for healing from trauma and the grief associated with it.

Every day of each of our lives is a blank page waiting for us to fill it.

Journaling is a record of that journey.

I send you Love as you create the story of your life. Perhaps you will pick up a pen and write about it. Do this for yourself.

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