Witnessing the Dichotomy Within

Today my journal prompt was on the theme of Serenity.

Serenity means calm, unruffled, quietude, clear, free of storms. Merriam Webster includes: shining bright and steady.

There I was, with my journal, reflecting on Serenity. The word by itself made me feel calm and quiet. I sat to write and found myself staring out the window into the clear blue late summer sky.

And yet, as I wrote in my journal, I discovered how unserene pockets of my mind were. I found confusion that I had been circling in for days. There was agitation due to that same confusion that involved a self imposed deadline. It’s funny to describe this. My prevailing feeling while writing was serenity. But in the background, I found the mind to be wound in a tight little knot.

I think of journal writing as Meditation. Writing allows me to witness my inner states; my feelings, my thoughts, even the tensions in my body. Perhaps the key word here is Witness. Witnessing is observing without judgment. Witnessing is holding space for dichotomy. Two things can exist simultaneously. I can feel serene and experience quietude while also observing my thoughts, thoughts that are causing me agitation.

How did this story end? Observing my confusion, I could rearrange my thoughts and give myself some space in moving forward, redirect my goals. I continued to follow the thread of Serenity within. Without effort I found self-acceptance. Without effort I made new choices. Serenity had many gifts to offer me, including self-love. Perhaps Serenity is Love.

Movement on the path, whatever that path may be, doesn’t have to be filled with fireworks and sparklers. Sometimes, movement on the path is simply putting one step in front of another. Noticing those steps is a reward.

Much Love to you!

Day 113 of #the100dayproject

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