Words and Friends

I wrote to a friend and she wrote back using these words: Ambivalence and Procrastination. At first I dismissed them. I wanted to feel she was bigger than those words. But the more I sat with her reply, the more I realized I needed to respect those words. They were her words. They described her experience. I regarded them as her friends in that moment; Ambivalence and Procrastination.

My friend is a quiet person, an introvert. She is a journal writer. As a quiet person, when she speaks, it’s as though her words come from a deep well within her.

She travels within her life with Ruthless Honesty. Ruthless Honesty is a companion that not many people know. I found myself reflecting deeply about her words. I wasn’t able to blow them off. What was she experiencing? Her honesty made me look at myself; where was I experiencing Ambivalence and Procrastination? I began to sit with my own discomfort. And as I did I found my own Honesty. And with Honesty came Clarity and Boundaries. And they all sat together in a bowl made of Love.

This very simple exchange with my friend gave me permission to sit with Honesty, both hers and mine. It empowered me to search for my truth, accept my truth and to speak my truth. It empowered me to let it be okay to be true to myself and all the quirks that make me me, both within that relationship but more importantly in my relationship with myself and then with others.

I send a special Thank You! to my Dear Quiet friend Jessie.

Day 115 of #the100dayproject

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